Inspired by the selfless heroism of Captain Noel Chavasse VC and Bar, a doctor who valued the care and wellbeing of his men above all else, and who gave his life rescuing and caring for others on the battlefields of World War I, Professor Tim Briggs’ Chavasse Report highlights areas where we can and should do more for those injured during and as a result of active service.

The Chavasse Report aims to ensure better and greater continuity of care for those people severely wounded in action or suffering debilitating musculoskeletal infirmity as a consequence of their military service. Not only does it highlight the problems around the management of musculoskeletal injuries, the most common cause of downgrading and discharge from the forces, but also suggests the solutions. It emphasises the need for a network of NHS hospitals to provide care for veterans and proposes setting up a number of NHS Veteran Rehabilitation units, linked to those within the military, to make sure of a seamless transition of care and shared learning between the Defence Medical Services and the NHS. This will improve care for all patients and provide a very much more consistent approach to rehabilitation.

Improving Armed Forces and Veteran Care Whilst Raising NHS Standard for All
A stategic partnership between the Nation, the Armed Forces and the NHS